Camera Package:
Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX1 High Definition Camcorder
Sony DSR-500WS DVCAM Camcorder

Sony BVW-400 Betacam SP Camcorder
Fujinon lens and wide angle lens adaptors
Sachtler and Vinten tripods
Samsung high definition 19" color monitors

Lighting Package:
K5600 Joker-Bug 400w HMI light kit
Arri 650w 4 fresnel kit
2 Pepper 100w-200w fresnel lights with focal spots
Lowell 4 omni-1 tota kit and pro light
4 Chimera 24"x32", 12"x16" video pro banks
Frezzi mini fill with dimmer
Photoflex lite disc reflector
filters/gels/effects materials

Sound Package:
Lectrosonic pro-mini wireless system
Sony dcm-55b broadcast lavalier microphone
Electro-Voice RE-50B & 635a handmic
Miscellaneous cables/adapters
Transcript audio tape capability

Grip Package:
Nalpak Magliner truck MAG-24D1 with tripod caddy
Baby light aluminum light stands with 40" extension arms
12"x18" scrims, flags and cutters
18"x24" scrims, flags and cutters
20lb. sandbags
Grip accessories

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